Membership Care Ministry (MCM)

The Bethel Deliverance Outreach Ministries (BDOM) Membership Care Ministry (MCM)  is designed to stand as the gatekeeper ministry and first point of contact for all new and returning members. MCM serves all members of the ministry with a focus of Continuum of Care. The overarching principle is to support the spiritual training and growth of new members, while supporting the continued growth to our existing members. Our focus will be Continuum of Care for ALL members.


There are two distinct teams (processes)under the umbrella of the Membership Care Ministry:

New/Recommitted Member:

To provide new members with an overview of BDOM’s history, ministries, programs, and explain membership information and opportunities. To provide ongoing support and guidance as the new member progresses through the process, find their place and  become active members in the ministry.


 Assimilation and Retention (AR):

  • Help People Develop Friendships;
  • Help People Become Involved;
  • Help People Belong;
  • Help People Work Together; and,
  • Help People Grow in Their Faith.

Events Offered:

  • New/Returning Member Orientation
  • New Beginner Classes
  • Meet and Greet
  • Virtual Social Hour
  • Member Offerings (i.e. Continental breakfast, brown bag lunch, cold summer treats/warm winter treats, random giveaways, monthly care-packets)


List the names/relationships of other family members joining with you:

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