Bethel Deliverance Outreach Ministries 

 “It’s too great a work to be a separated people because we’re all in this race together.”

Join us every Saturday @ 12PM EST

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Pastor & First Lady Walker 

BDOM is committed to leading the community to salvation and deliverance by faith and love through the power and blood of Jesus Christ.  We are striving to further enrich the lives of men and women by teaching and preaching sound doctrine and principles according to the word of God. We invite you to experience our services and be a part of the BDOM family. 


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He Mends' the Broken pieces 


" I danced for the first time in two years. I can remember me crying because I felt a piece of me mending together"


God is a healer and he delivers  


"On June 16, 2021, I had brain bleed that almost cost me my life. The prayers of everyone that prayed for me were heard; and God did the work on my brain thru the doctors and delivered me.I was under their care for six months. I am totally healed. What a mighty God we Serve!"


Through Faith and Belief, God Restores 


“I grew up in church my whole life. Often deviated from it. Condemned myself and felt as though God had given up on me. Under the anointed and powerful teachings on faith and redemption by my spiritual leaders, my life has changed. It wasn’t an easy journey back but I’m here and glad God hasn’t given up on me.”