Bethel Deliverance Outreach Ministries 

 “It’s too great a work to be a separated people because we’re all in this race together.”

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Pastor & First Lady Walker 

BDOM is committed to leading the community to salvation and deliverance by faith and love through the power and blood of Jesus Christ.  We are striving to further enrich the lives of men and women by teaching and preaching sound doctrine and principles according to the word of God. We invite you to experience our services and be a part of the BDOM family. 


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The Reed Family 

God is a Promise Keeper


“Shortly after we were married we found out that we couldn’t have children. We initially accepted that outcome and figured maybe it wasn’t in the cards for us but we still kept that faith that it would happen one day. “Faith without works is dead” that’s why we decided to go through with IVF in May 2021. Although the process was very vigorous, we trusted and put faith in God that he would bless us with a child. With doing only one cycle of IVF, by September 2021 we were expecting . Magnolia Jade Reed was born on May 19, 2022; and we couldn’t be happier that God heard our prayers and added to our growing family.”

The Dobbs Family

God Restores 

"Two of our three daughters were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth with no hope in sight for a cure or a better outcome than lung transplants when they are teenagers.  We operated in faith for years of hospitalizations and sicknesses, praying that a new result would come about and that they wouldn’t have to fight in this way much longer. In 2021, their specialist introduced us to a medicine that would rid them of all symptoms pertaining to Cystic Fibrosis - basically cancelling all its effects permanently. Since that time our daughters have not needed any hospitalizations nor experienced any sicknesses! We give all glory and praise to God for his miraculous works"